I studied medicine before I studied fashion. My family wanted me to become a highly educated person. So I studied health science for four years, and I got my Bachelor's degree in that. While my heart wasn’t in medicine the experience proved to be priceless. I learned what body types are, the intricacies of women psychology, and the science behind reading people. And I'm quite good at seeing what they would look good in.

It was then when I decided to pursue a career in fashion... read more I started applying to schools around the world, and then three months later, I got a phone call from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) representative and the rest is history. They promise participants ‘the advanced tools, the creative expertise, the industry training and those key connections that will set you apart and launch you in your career,’ and that’s exactly what I got and more.

I designed and styled for celebrities. I would go to their house, fix their wardrobe, and then design unique pieces for them they could wear daily or to special occasions. I do everything from scratch. Everything is hand- drawn. I use my hands and the skills I possess – I believe in doing things properly where you take the time and pour your heart into your work. Hard work makes the unbelievable, believable and the unreal, real. read less


I love working with fabric.
What inspires me with fabric and clothing is how I can take a piece of material and transform it into a unique dress or clothing that gives clients a sense of style and individuality.

When I design, it's the fabric that talks.
I buy the fabric, play with the fabric, and often that's where the inspiration comes. It all starts with the fabric. Every piece of material has a unique identity, a soul. My friends laugh hearing me say material is a living-breathing organism. It has a pulse and a heart and a desire to adorn a body.


  • Studied at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in San Francisco, California (USA). Completed the three-year degree course in just two and a half years, with top grades

  • Studied at Parsons The New School for Design in New York (USA)

  • Interned for the legendary Jessica McClintock in San Francisco

  • Learned how to mass-produce luxury fashion apparel

  • Designed couture pieces for red carpet celebrities

  • Styled and designed for affluent clientele on two continents

  • Bachelor Of Medicine - University of Sydney




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